Thoughts On Game of Thrones

when i say "game of thrones" you know i mostly mean karl

i'm pretty sure karl's got a shade of an ed gein thing going on but in a more covetously aloof way. standard psychosexual gone wrong shit

karl is so..... so parasexual (hair, etc. and boy is he tactile about it) and seems like he plays with people like toys more than he actually develops or thinks about relationships. he's a very... detached character in that way. i could see him having a fixation, not a "relationship"

im like fairly certain he didn't even blink at the "no wives" rule when enlisting i dont think he has any (nebulous) desire for love and a "try and stop me" attitude towards taking what he wants LOL

someone referred to bran and meera as "two little rich girls" (to karl) last time i mentioned bran and i can't ever get it out of my head now. two little rich girls. that's what karl sees.

bran is kind of the ideal little girl and arya is the ideal little boy and i love that

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