Years 6-7
Nothing lasts forever, though, and after a shocking visit from Bellatrix and Narcissa (of which Harri is only narrowly able to stay hidden from) tension returns to Hogwarts once again, and the relationship between Harri and Snape becomes heavy with the burden he must bear.

A burden of which he keeps Harri unaware, for as long as he can.

Year 6

“I know Malfoy is involved somehow! You must know something, Severus, why won’t you tell me?”

“...Because there’s nothing that can be done.”

“How do you know!”

“...I know.”

Year 7

Snape feels something touch his hand while seated at Malfoy Manor and nearly has a heart attack. It was just Nagini sliding by. Someone (Bellatrix) makes a crack at him for being jumpy.

But it was just his conscience.

Torn from each other for months, both knowing the other's importance in their seperate roles, makes meeting each other as supposed enemies in the destitue Great Hall more heart wrenchingly difficult than anything Harri has ever experienced before.

But it's nothing compared to what she must face when, upon their next dangerously clandestine reunion, she learns it may very well be their last.
Because in order for Voldermort to have confidence in Harri's death, he has to believe that the Elder Wand will answer to him. And presently, he now believes it answers to Snape.

Which, although inaccurate, puts him in the unique position of saving Harri's life,
one last time. Harri had taken one of his shirts with her before leaving to hunt horcruxes, as a way of keeping him close while distant.

She dons it one last time, before heading into the forest.
Dying doesn't hurt. It's living on that does.

“No. No no no Severus I can't lose you-“

“You have to.”

“I can’t… I can’t…”

“You must. Harri, the night I lost Lily, I... every day. Every single day after, I wanted to follow her. But then I met you.”


“I know how it's going to feel, Harri, but you must. You must. Live. Harri.


I'll always be waiting for you.”

And, after everything gained and lost... it's over.

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