If Only

Same-Age Alternate Timeline

“But first years aren’t allowed brooms…!”

“I know, right! McGonagall gave me special permission!”

“Wow, Harri…”

“…Want to try it out?”


This is an alternate universe where Severus is born into Harri’s timeline. They meet on the train to Hogwarts in their first year.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

When Harri gets imprisoned in her room, Sev is the one to break her out. He shows up alone and on foot, climbing up to her window to melt the bars with a self-made potion. He starts to pull Harri through when Mr. Dursley bursts in; Sev pulls out his wand threateningly but Harri just pushes him out the window and both of them fall in a heap onto the bushes below. Harri and Sev start running before the family can collect themselves, tearing through the streets together with no direction except “away”. Elated in panic and disbelief, Harri starts laughing, and soon both of them are, panting and wheezing. They slow down enough to make sure they aren’t being followed, and she jumps into his arms, embracing for just a moment before parting awkwardly and unanimously deciding it’s best to um. Keep moving.

"Where do we go...?" Harri asks. Before Sev can respond-

The Knight Bus shows up. They board together.

“Well I think you’re brilliant!”

“Here... someone to talk to over the summer.”

“Oh! Sev, it’s beautiful....

Well, now mine seems dumb.”

“No way, Harri, that’s....

...It’s really cute.

...You’ve got the same hair.”

“Haha, shut up

...I’ll miss you.”

“...Yeah. You too.”

Year 4

This year, Harri and Sev start taking letters from those who have questions for them ==>

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7




Nicholas Scott and Hunter Sinclair; Ravenclaw and Slytherin respectively.
7th years, though it's rumored that Nicholas was expelled in his 6th year and has just managed to... hang around, somehow. Nobody has seen him in a classroom in over 3 years.

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