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hi! we're 4th years.

if you have questions for us you can ask either me (Harri) or Sev (Sev), or both of us! just make sure you say who the letter is for.

we promise not to read each other's mail (unless we decide to share it).


what was the first class you had with Sev?


who's your favorite professor, and why?


what's your favorite thing about Harri? Harri same question but about Sev


are you trans? (you don't have to answer if you don't want to, sorry it that's too invasive)

Hi Harri!

What do you think is Sev's cutest feature and why?


have you ever had a moment where you were very assertive?

Both of you,

what do you want to do when you leave Hogwarts?

thoughts on dumbledore?

Have you two done more than just kiss? Or are you waiting until you're older to be sexual with each other?


do you have a crush..?


what's the most trouble you've been in?

For Harri:

Does Sev get flustered easily? If so, do you try to fluster him for a laugh every once and a while?


is Sev ticklish?

Hey Harri!

What's your opinion of Sev bein' really tall?


do you like wearing dresses?


can you give Severus a hug. Poor boy looks like he needs one.

Hi Harri!

We see you in your uniform most of the time but given the choice do you prefer trousers, shorts, skirt or leggings?

Do you two have any enemies at school?

does severus preffer chocolate or hot cheetos? or maybe apples or cucumbers with lime and chilli flakes

What do you both think of Cedric Diggory?

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