A Look At Hermann's House

Not featured in the movies, this family home of Hermann's is my own creation, and features subtly but prominently in Timeline A. Here's a look at the floorplans.

This was one of the very first settings I envisioned for Timeline A of my newmann project (entitled "Everything From A to B", for future reference). Physical spaces in my stories are very distinct to me, and Hermann's inherited family home is no exception.

Much of this branch of the story ends up taking place here: an old 2-story victorian somewhere in the vicinity of London that Hermann and Newt eventually relocate to post pacific rim. In Hermann's posession (which came about in the wake of his father's death) the house underwent little change and mostly remains as the home he grew up in, including the basement laboratory of which his scientist father had installed many years prior.

The house is placed on a north-west facing axis; here's a (very rough) diagram of the way the sun travels. Hermann's study (which used to be his father's) gets mostly afternoon light, while the bedroom gets direct light in the morning and near sunset. The reading room, which used to be Hermann's room as a child, gets the most morning/daylight. The house is on it's own small hill, grassy and open with a few trees, and there aren't any immediate neighbors.

Hopefully I'll get to show you more of the house soon.

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