Thoughts On Hannibal Chau

i finally hit the threshold where it would be irresposible of me not to dedicate an entire post to just hannibal/newt

hannibal chau is someone's dnd character

feel like im making it seem deceptively like hannibal is a stoic type or at least imposingly short of words which is really not true at all and part of what i like about their dynamic-- hannibal likes to hear his own voice and newt just has jittery-cant-shut-up syndrome

there's a really good moment in pacrim 1 where newt just makes the extremely relatable "someone else is talking and i really want to talk but im going to sit on my hands but i definitely sort of stopped listening" face because i think he would be too scared to talk over hannibal

hannibal just likes owning the conversation though, with that sort of dramatic mob-boss bravado and newt is like both susceptible to it and also impervious to it in a weird, perfect way

hannibal is gaudily cool
that's why newt has such a (fear)boner for him
he's just the right amount of uncool-cool that newt doesn't know is uncool
because newt is the same but does it worse
newt wants to be chuuni (rock and roll version) so bad
so he sees the chuuni in hannibal and loses it
because hannibal IS doing it
steampunk fucking Elope brand glasses

it's really charming to me if hannibal chau Never meets Hermann. Ever. it almost places hannibal in like, the realm of a therapist. or newt's imaginary friend. life is just a completely separate existence from whatever space hannibal occupies for newt

the liminal space of hannibal chau

now that's a fic title if i ever wrote one

shitpost thought of the day: what if the reason why hermann should never and will never meet hannibal is because it's like rock paper scissors and hermann is the only person who can dom hannibal
it's not a food chain its a loop
broke: love triangle
woke: love ouroboros
functionally hannibal and hermann would mutually want nothing to do with each other but conceptually im horny

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