Thoughts On Pacific Rim

In my quest to collect my thoughts on Uprising I found a decent (and much more charitable) amount on Pacific Rim proper. Enjoy.

hermann's inquisitively impressed little " did that?" to pentecost talking about his influence over the black market unfolds like an entire dimension to his character in one line and i've never stopped being grateful for it

i like the fact that hermann doesn't wear ties. he's well put together, but it's... practical, over presentational. there's a touch of personal comfort to it

Moreover it speaks to a lack of motor control- along with his shoes being buckles instead of laces and the stiff, jagged way he carries himself throughout the movie. That cane is not for show.

god newt looks so wistfully pensive in this moment directly following the announcement of the closure of the breach and i have to wonder if he's thinking about how he'll never get to study any (new) kaiju ever again

the little details of this film drive me nuts like the background noise of the shatterdome clears out when stacker delivers like a very key plot point which naturally drives the focus to it, and then the background noises resume to walk it off/transition the scene
but you dont notice it
it's like the room naturally clears out at just the right moment
the actors in this movie are all very good also like all of them are
watching this so many times is letting me focus on the beat by beat more and the little gestures and deliveries are Very good
even railegh is pretty good he's just kind of a log of a person LOL

i've noticed that hermann makes a point to finish all of his sentences even if they're not audible.... like i defintely note this with the BARELY audible "im sorry" line delivered in the wake of pentecost telling him to shut up but now that im watching and hyperfocusing he's never dropped a sentence half way through the whole movie, and there's actually been more than one line where he just trails into it being barely audible but spoken all the way through

whereas newton OFTEN does not finish his sentences

newton also stutters like he's thinking AS he talks/before he's done actually thinking, whereas anythign hermann says seems to be Delivered/practically rehearsed
and i dont mean in like an actor way like it's very clear that as a character it went through his head already and he chose exactly the way he wanted to say it
(or he's been thinking about it for a long time and has been WAITING for the right moment to say it)
especially when he's criticizing newt, of course
his little flourish on the word "groupie" when he's feeling like his ideas won out against newton's is very theatrical and like he's been thinking it for awhile and savoring getting to rub the line in newt's face

newt also talks to himself. by contrast very much an external thinker

hermann seems to be very aware of himself and how he's holding himself and newt is like *wanders into hannibal chau's shop holding the flashlight that illuminates the blacklight card that he's been tryign to compare to things to find his way through the city and is still holding it aloft with the flashlight pointed at the card while he's talking, seeming like he forgot where his hands are *
newt is like 100% present and hermann is like 100% caught up in his own head

it's actually a very funny dichotomy because newt is also very obviously the one who cares about his own appearance and hermann doesn't
it gives newt that sort of lovably awkward characterization because he's like trying to seem cool but he doesn't seem to be aware of himself
whereas hermann has this sort of reserved/humble presentation but is super theatrical and specific with how he delivers himself
hermann is like "i dont care about how other people think of me" but puts a lot of thought into how he delivers himself and newt is like "i want to be cool" *isnt aware of his own feet *

ok the only time hermann stutters/it doesnt sound like he rehearsed what he wants to say entirely is when he spur of the moment decides to drift with newton to help him...
hermann steps out on a limb for him

another thing that i always keep in mind when writing hermann is that although his language is specific, its never "posh" or overly verbose
despite being theatrical about it he uses pretty plain language
or even sometimes somewhat amusing words or turns of phrase
there's a casual element to how he talks and it's such like an important texture to his character imo
he could have easily fallen into the stereotype trap of being both british AND a scientist but he doesn't speak airily at all
it's kind of like a lost detail i feel like people dont pay attention to in the same vein of how people glaze over how rudely newt speaks
and acts

what he says: im fine
what he means: if obama is canonically a part of the pacific rim universe then by all means what was elon musk doing. there's absolutely no way he wouldn't insert himself into the jaeger program in some capacity. what jaeger did elon musk design

i like tendo in theory but i will never forgive him for this this man's entire career seems to based on standing in-between newt and hermann and i don't appreciate it

side note tendo's titties are like off the charts

newt's bad dragon collection must be Extensive

kaiju blue would be such a good name for a dildo im JUST saying

thinking about the difference in hermann and newton's love languages.... I think (perhaps against personality expectation) Newton expresses a lot affection through acts of service (making breakfast, buttoning hermann's shirts, going to the store). ..and I think hermann's is touch

i think newton NEEDS quality time. he always wants to be near/around hermann and have hermann engaged with him. ...i think hermann needs affirmations/words of affection

neither of them are really gift givers hahaha. im sure on the gift-giving holidays its always something small/activities rather than things

I don't engage with fandom for many reasons and its not my business what other people do with their time, but it's impossible not to notice how by-and-large Newton is always reduced to just "kaiju groupie" when quite arguably he's more of an accomplished scientist than Hermann is

He's beyond brilliant and I rarely if ever see that given any respect, instead making Newt the foil to Hermann's "intellectual" personality. There's a good reason Hermann is so snide about Newt's "unprofessional" behavior; I would wager all it's insecurity (and perhaps jealousy)

I could write a whole diatribe on this but please, don't take Hermann's attitude towards Newt at face value (or overlook Newt's accomplishments which speak to an intensely studious and devoted personality rather than just harebrained genius), I'm begging you

on the subject of fandom interpretation: people always seem to want to put newt in dresses which is fine of course but. have you not seen his hallmarkedly transmasc woven bracelets. and hermanns lipstick librarian glasses. im just saying, out of the two of them, hermann is the one going to be wearing the wedding dress i mean look at them

i think a critical misconception of newt and hermann's relationship is that despite archetypal appearances: hermann is the little. please understand this

you can be both (slightly) older than your partner and have the personality of an old librarian while still being the little. look- he's doing it right now

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