thoughts on torchwood

torchwood musings and shitposts alike

torchwood as a show is really just Doctor Who(re)

thinking about how jack pronounced "estrogen" in the first episode and chortling to myself as i fold laundry

he doesnt even get a pass for his accent. he's an american. what american calls it eeeestrogen

owen's spiked hair/fauxhawk is sending me rudely back to being in the UK in the late 2000s when it felt like literally 90% of guys looked like that. it's giving me..... not cute aggression. just normal aggression. but in an admittedly fond way

i cannot. i cannot fucking believe they Actually gave me the forbidden het version of hermann

the implication that owen already owns a cardigan and sweater vest is also driving me insane. does he actually need glasses?? does he wear contacts??

A Day In The Death is a very beautiful end to the show as it was. I think... timeline-wise, if I were to let the series go on from there, I would consider that the divergence... for me. Exit Wounds was a heartbreaking conclusion and I... I hold it dear. But it's a cauterization

I bet owen is really good at guitar hero




what if Ianto is also somehow inexplicably good at guitar hero. like they're all at a bar together after work and it's hooked up there and Ianto gets roped into it and is just somehow an absolute natural

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